Series: Dexter

dexterI was dubious about starting Dexter. When you hear that it’s about a blood splatter analyst in a police department in Miami with a dark secret, you think ‘eeem..what?’. As I’ve mentioned I’m also usually not into these more gruesome shows and stick to reality shows instead. This story gets interesting however, as at night he tracks people down and kills them ritualistically, but only kills people who fit a certain ‘code’ he was taught as a child. His victims are always criminals who have gotten away with murder and abuse, so he sees himself as doing a sort of favour to society. The series is gripping as he battles with his own identity and moral code, questioning himself and what he is. He also looks for love and finds it in a woman and her two children. Through these very human traits he becomes very relatable to the audience. It’s kind of funny….a series where you actually side with the serial killer. Throughout the stories Dexter battles himself, his victims and the law as its grip tightens around him. The result is an exciting, unpredictable show providing the audience with ups and down. I would definitely recommend.


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