My recent addiction to Marvel series

The first time I gave a more ‘fictional’ series ago was with Jessica Jones, a woman with special abilities; super strength, limited invulnerability, and flight. She roams through the streets of New York righting wrongs where she can and following shadows of her amnesia swept past. Despite this dark romantic story however, she remains herself and it surprised me how much her character didn’t act like a traditional superhero. Jessica is moody, distant and often makes bad decisions, but at the end of the day looks out for people and intends to do good. I think that this is a good example of female role model as Jessica isn’t your typically girly, flashy superwoman, she’s down to earth and simply has demons of her own. Marvel have been clever with this series as the character is highly relatable and has enough action and drama to capture a large audience.

p12738283_b_v8_abI’ve also watched Marvel’s Luke Cage, a man whose superpowers are strength, and impenetrable skin, he is literally invincible. His real name is Carl Lucas, he’s on the run form the law for a crime he didn’t commit and is looking for a quiet life. So when Carl realises he has to help rid Harlem from those who seek to rule and corrupt the place, he obviously does so grudgingly. As the season develops however he takes it more in his stride, showing a cool, smooth, always humble self.

Another Marvel series I’ve seen is Daredevil, involving a young blind lawyer (real name Matt Murdock), who’s ‘disability’ opened up his other senses in an unprecedented manner. He works out of a dingy office with his friends ‘Foggy Nelson’ and Karen Page, giving defence to those usually too poor to afford it. Matt leads a double life unlike the other two, one as himself, Matt Murdoch, a blind lawyer, all those who know his face believe this story, and another as Daredevil, a fearsome fighter with super quick reactions meaning he can take on any opponent. As the show develops you see him begin to question which self is his real self as he fights to keep both parts of his life afloat. As Daredevil, he seeks to rid the city from political corruption and crime, at high levels of society.

The three characters share similar features, they make a rule never to kill despite having advanced powers, and each has a amicable, kind and open-minded personality, even if they have their flaws. I think that Marvel have made good relatable role models for teenagers and adults alike through these series’ showing that respect and looking out for others goes a long way. Although there are elements of stereotyping at times, I feel like series’ such as these show that through the confusion of media today, there are still forms of it which can be constructive and entertaining. All three Marvel series’ interlink, and often refer to interweaving characters within all series’. I’m hoping one day soon they will bring out a series involving all three characters, each story coming perfectly together.